Always wanted to see PG daily while
waiting for his new releases? So here
you can see him in a daily struggle with
small and big issues of everyday life...
So just have fun here and see the
"far side" of PG...

There you can see the famous orange
shirt and the story behind the scene
how the German orange people started
their mindbreaking career...
Everything you need to know about
the Eastoons PG Cartoon Calendar
which is a collection of 12 cartoons
of the daily diary
Eastoons Calendar 2006
Eastoons Calendar 2007
Eastoons Calendar 2008 out now!
Here is a bunch of PG related links
where I use to lurk around once in a
while to keep me UP to date about all
and everything PG

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The eastoon comics in the daily diary
resulted in a big big load of fanmail
I got from you since December 2004.
Here you can read some of the mails
from you! Sorry, it is impossible to
post them all... ;o))
Thanks a lot for that and for guiding
me on my cartoon journey!
All PG fans know gabrielese but nobody
can speak it in the right way. Ever
thought of a gabrielese training?
There you go!
Here is a bunch of PG related smileys.
Enjoy them and use them. No chance to
get rich of them given that they are
already spread around the world.... ;o)
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enough on the internet already
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