The story started in January 2004 as a bunch of German fans were totally excited about the fact that PG did a whole European tour in 2004 again.

And this time we wanted to be sure that PG's fans (especially here in Germany) won't go to the gigs without leaving a visual mark.

The initial idea was that there are not only
"orange people" on and behind the stage who
will guarantee a working show but also in front
of the stage.

So a PG loonie from Berlin and me designed the shirt and the fairy tale began...

From January to July the orange shirt community grew bigger and bigger. At the time there are more than 100 shirts spread around the world.

And we left our marks... glad that the gigs were in a dark hall and not in sunlight or else you would have burned your eyes because of the shirt colour. Wearing orange IN TNE SUN is dangerous.

Hanover was one mark. A friend of mine had the idea to give an orange shirt as a present to PG before the concert. So she made a globe with greeting cards of all of US in it and I packed a shirt (sponsored by another PG geek) with a letter, and we handed the present over to Cat during the soundcheck. And a few weeks later Tina thanked US on the official site.

One of the "orange people" threw his shirt on stage to Peter but Rachel Z was a whee bit faster and grabbed it. The guy was smart enough to write his e-mail addy on the shirt so Rachel Z wrote back some days later and said thank you. So he had to order another shirt for himself again. ;o)

So now two of the PG band have a shirt. Nice!

Berlin was nice too and the shirts made it possible that you can hear me and PG on the Berlin Encore at the part where he is introducing "his" orange people.

But I guess the climax of the "orange people" story was K-town... Part I and II. After the show was cancelled in July we made the biggest orange party this town and maybe the world will never experience again! Besides Hamish Hamilton seemed to have a lot of fun with US. And we made a lot of rumour in the local news.

And I had the chance to get acquainted with many PG fans from around the world.
Thanks to all of you!!
A special thanks to a Italian guy who helped
a lot to push me behind the scenes!

SO to me the first half of the year 2004 was just amazing not only because of the shows of PG but also not to be alone as a PG fan in the world. And I met a lot of people who are friends now to me...