M. Costa
Lisbon, Portugal
Dec 8, 2004


I just had to show my admiration for your your work. It's very funny and I'm
sure PG himself must find it very amusing.
About the smilyes and other stuff, how can we use them? Just as images or can
they be changed into cursors our icons? If so, can you tell how?
Before saying goodbye, I'd like to leave a humble idea for a cartoon,regarding a
remark Peter made during both London shows (June 2004) and it seemed to be an
issue that kept him worried, so I suspect it happened in other gigs.
PG wakes up in the midle of the night, sweating and eyes wide opened " The
catering! I always forget the catering!!!" an d Meahb mumbles "Peter, It's all
over now....mmmmzzzz

My best regards and a Happy Christmas

M. Costa
Lisbon, Portugal
Dec 10, 2004

Title: Machine over man. (No Self Control)
Melanie and Peter rolling through the stage on those devices they used for "Games Without Frontiers" and PG sings "I don't know how to stop! I don't know how to stop!".

Best regards and a Happy New Year

Realized January 3rd 2005

Secret World
January 22, 2005

Hi Lia,

Natürlich kann ich keine Zeichnungen machen,ich versuche mal,zu beschreiben,was in meinem Kopf rumschwirrt:

1)Stagediving-nicht ganz unfallfrei :o)

KL,die Bühne,Gabriel setzt zum Stagediving an.Die Orange People springen alle entsetzt zur Seite.Nein,natürlich nicht alle!
Ausgerechnet die zwei,ich sag mal,schmächtigsten Persönchen, bleiben in der Mitte,rennen wie aufgeregte Hühner umher:"Ich hab ihn,ich hab'  ihn!"
Peter springt,ganz elegant,wie er es immer getan hat.Landet auf den beiden kleinen Irren-und begräbt sie unter sich.Man sieht nur noch ein paar Arme und Beine unter ihm raus schauen,und eine Sprechblase,in der vielleicht sowas steht wie:"Das war 'ne blöde Idee...!"
Die kleinen Irren stelle ich mir so vor (wären jetzt die kleinsten,die mir einfallen ;o) Eine ist blond,kurzes gelocktes Haar,mit Brille und kommt meines Wissens aus Hamm?! Die zweite ist - natürlich - rothaarig,gelockt und aus Göttingen...

2)Eine wahre Geschichte

Wir sind wieder in KL.Brauhaus.Zwei orange Tussen stehen vor dem Banner. Sprechblase über der Blonden(Diesmal allerdings eine andere!) "Oh,was schreib' ich denn drauf?" Sprechblase über der kleinen Rothaarigen:"Schreib' doch,ich will ein Kind von dir!" Sprechblase über der Blonden:"Hmm,weiß nicht..." Und gleichzeitig eine Denkblase(heißen die so?Oder Gedankenblase?Egal!) "Bin doch sterilisiert..."

Erinnerst du dich? :o))

Bis dann

January 22, 2005

Hallo Lia!

Deine Cartoons sind einfach göttlich! Und deine Homepage ist eine willkommene Abwechslung, wenn das Forum mal streikt....... Weil meine Tochter schon nachts um halb 3 perfekt gabrielese spricht (Wa- a-aaaaaah), hab ich ein wenig Zeit tot zu schlagen!

Ich hätte eine kleine Idee für einen Cartoon: Peter steht vor seinem Kleiderschrank und überlegt, was er anziehen soll. Im Schrank hängen Unmengen Kapuzenpullover, ein langes rotes Kleid und ein oranges T-Shirt. Er denkt:" Ich sollte mal wieder einkaufen"

Bis bald!


January 25, 2005

Although I wonder...

[Nighttime, Meabh and PG are in bed, Meabh is reading "How the Celts saved Civilization" and PG is glancing over a hard copy of the chat transcript.]

Gabriel [after a few seconds of quiet reading]: Whoa! I said *that*?!
Meabh: You said what?
Gabriel: Oh, nothing.
Meabh [snatches transcript out of PG's hands, starts instensly reading it.]
Gabriel: I *swear* it's a typo! I meant to say "maybe"!
Meabh [gives PG a 'I'm not buying it' look]
Gabriel: Okay, I was temporarily possessed by the ghost of Barry White.
Meabh [still not buying it...]

At any rate, I sense a Eastwood comic in here somewhere...


February 2005

SecretWorld knitted a stuffed eastoon bird as a present:

Now it is sitting at a warm place
close to my drawing board.
Thank you very much! yours LIA+++


February 28, 2005

hi Lia,

i'm Jean-Pierre (or JP) from France (Cluny) friend of Marco ;o)), i organised the only french gig for rachel on september 04, and for Jerry Marotta one month ago :---o)))
i want to congratulate you for your website, your incredible website, and cartoons are really a great pleasure for me !!!
maybe we'll meet you one day... back "gabriel stage" or for another Rachel gig (in my town on 21st may 2005 !!)



March 1, 2005

Your drawings are still great !

I have an idea for monday (or tuesday !). Why note drawing Peter and the
band and Isaac like bunnies and chicks ?? :o), and distributing
chocolate eggs ?

Maybe someone got the idea before !

Have a really nice easter, and thanks for the fun ! :)


March 1, 2005

Liebe LIA,

Kannst du noch ne Cartoon-Idee vertragen??
SORRY, aber die Ideen sprudeln grad nur so, can´t help it! ;o)


In der Bildmitte eine Wand, mit Tür, über der "Studio" steht, evtl. noch: "Keep quiet!!"
Links im Bild:
Meabh mit Isaac (immer der kleine arme, ich weiß!). Meabh sagt:
"Shhh, quiet, Isaac!! Remember, Papa said he is having his quiet and inspirational time to get new good ideas for the next record!!"
"By the way, where is my new hair piece (Haarteil, ist das so korrekt übersetzt??)?"
Rechts von der Studiowand:
PG, in Air-Gitarren-Pose, ala Brian May oder so, evtl. mit Mikrofonständer horizontal haltend und darübergebeugt, ein Haarteil auf dem Kopf.
Aus den Kopfhörern dröhnt:
Weee Will ... Weee Will ... Rock You, Everybody singin´ ... Wee Will ...
Smooooke on the Waaaaater ... Fire in the Skyyyy ...



Peter Gabriel
April, 2005
via snail mail

Thanks a lot "Peter G." for this surprise, yours LIA+++


April 15, 2005

Allow me to pick that up.... Peter and Meabh find Isacc with the tambourine spinning secret world style, and they join in with him... Ged and his huskies mush through the wilderness.....with his headphones on Rachel, Melanie and Anna shopping in NY.... Peter with binoculars peering out at some gabefans on a certain trip this weekend David surrounded by all his guitars composing the soundtrack for L'Uomo Perfetto Uncle Tony bicycling with headphones on Richard playing bagpipe surrounded by all of his instruments hahah i'll stop now!


April 16, 2005

Hi Lia!

I had an idea for a PG daily cartoon...a full moon cartoon. Next full moon is Sunday, April 24th...the next one that falls on a weekday is Monday, May 23rd. Last month I received a thank you from Tina on Peter's behalf for my monthly full moon greeting. I wasn't even sure that she actually was forwarding the greetings and then out of the blue the "thank you". Thought it would be fun to see Peter reading one of the greetings on the full moon...as a reminder to post his own full moon greeting on the site. 

I want to let you know that I look forward to your cartoons and appreciate how much work you put into each and every one of them. I only have to write one greeting a month and that sometimes is a task. This month I'm going to use one of Annick's pictures...I had no time the last month to take a picture of the full moon. I just rec'd Photoshop 6 as a gift...hopefully, I'll be able to figure out what to do with it and then be able to do my own effects on my pics. Had a question for you...if I was to get a program in which to animate pictures/drawings...what would you recommend for a beginner? 

Take care.

With love, peace, music, tolerance and respect...

Your Lunatic Sister, Arlene


April 17, 2005

Hi Lia, I had an idea for a cartoon. I read somewhere that Peter was "interested" in Buddhism. When he played in Paris for Amnesty International in 1998, he met the Dalaï Lama here and said it was a wonderful experience. I thought about him meeting the dalaï lama (for example), and levitating inside the Zorb, with the lama at the top of the zorb maybe (or besides). Once again, congratulations for your autograph. You can be very proud of it ! :o)

Kind regards


Catalina & Robert
September 19, 2005


We brainstormed it, and if we can be so bold, here's a thought that might spin you off on a good tangent:

1. There is a story once that Peter whacked Tony in the head with his mic stand and made him bleed all over his bass (that's not what I am suggesting - keep reading)

2. There are clips in the 'Family Portrait' video and on one of the video Tour Diary segments at petergabriel.com that show some confusion over how the Strut is to progress. Tony approached Peter and was unsure of which way to turn after the first walk forward, and Peter looked kind of lost and mumbled it needed more rehearsal. The result shown in the next clip was a bit of a turning mix-up that left David and Melanie grinning ear to ear.

In my mind I saw an image of Tony and David being thoroughly confused, and when one turns on way and one turns the other, PG is whacked on both sides by the necks of swinging instruments (my ending), or else both Tony and David both turn inward and crash into PG (Robert's ending). I guess there would have to be a 'rehearsal' frame and a 'results' frame. 

One more idea, from both of us. When they do the strut, their legs cross in front of one another as they advance. If Tony (who is always on the left) and PG misstepped and trod on the pantlegs of the person next to them, both PG and David would have their pants around their ankles as soon as they moved!

We don't mean to try to tell you what to draw - this was just an idea. You inspire us to imagine!

Or PG surprising everyone by reviving his old stage dive, trying desperately to get to the guy with the hoodie. As it nearly always happened, PG would lose his shirt, but perhaps could snag the hoodie as he's hauled (mauled!) back to the stage. Or once he's hovering above him, he could offer the guy a trade, but get nothing -

Has Peter seen your work? He has a sense of humour about himself, so he might very well enjoy them!
We'll leave you alone now. Just glad to get those ideas out there, even if you never get to use them.

Warmest wishes


September 30, 2005

Hi Lia,

Being a latecomer to most of your eastoons work, I have to say that it's
really terrific.  I hope its OK with you for me to use your toons on my
office screensaver.  I'm working my way through each month in viewing them. 
On that note, I'll take this opportunity to mention that February 2nd
(Darkness) is not coming up on my screen.  There may be a glitch with it.

Have a good night


October 2005

MrsRatbag made an eastoons hoodie and sent it to me.
What am amazing present I got!

This is a neet and cosy piece of
clothing especially at cold days!

Thank you very much! yours LIA+++


Genesis Fanclub
October 14, 2005

Hi Lia

hab grad mal deine Cartoons durchforstet, nun hab ich ne Lachmuskelzerrung und du bist schuld :-)

ich würde gerne ab und an einen Cartoon für ne Rezension oder dergleichen verwenden. Außerdem werd ich wenn etwas ruhiger wird deine Cartoons mal in den News bewerben.

Darf ich an und an einen cartoon für ne Rezension klauen? Natürlich alles mit Copyright ANgaben etc

viele Grüße


November 11, 2005

Huhu Lia,

als ich das gesehen hab,ist mir eingefallen...auf der GUL liegt ein Drumstick auf der Bühne rum.Peter hebt ihn auf und wirft ihn Ged rüber.

Könntest du auch eine Karikatur zu machen:Er wirft ihn rüber und trifft Ged ins Auge oder so...

Wenn du magst.Oder grad mal 'ne Blockade hast.

Nochmal danke für den Kalender,ist wirklich klasse geworden.

Und die Widmung...ich persönlich halte mich ja eher für bitter-böse als "nur" zart-bitter.Aber ich kann nichts dafür.Ich schwöre,ich mach's nicht mit Absicht.Bin einfach so.Aber ich bleib' auch so.


November 13, 2005

Nun ja ich schreibe mal auf deutsch, da ich denke, das du auch deutsch
verstehst auch wenn deine grandiose Webseite in englisch ist. Also auf
deine Seite kam ich durch Zufall weil einige Smileys (Biko, In your
Eyes) auf der genesis fansite it im Forum die runde machten. Die sind
einfach genial. Deshalb auch mein Anliegen oder Bitte für langweilige
Winterabende. Ich fände einen Sledgehammer Smiley noch ziemlich geil.
Also das was er auf der Bühne macht, Die Faust zu Kopf Bewegung. Ich
denke mal das wäre ne Leichtigkeit für dich. Wenn du langeweile hast
dann kannst du ja mal auf meine langweilige Seite gehen die aber
immerhin genesis als Thema hat. Leider sind die Informationen darauf
nicht mehr besonders aktuell. Ich weiß ja auch nicht ob dich Genesis
überhaupt interessiert.
Aber ich drifte ab. Jedenfalls noch mal herzlichen Glückwunsch zu einer
solch gelungenen WEbseite. Du hast meinen vollen RESPEKT. Mach weiter
so. Ich schau mir jetzt noch ein wenig die lustigen Cartoons an.

Viele Grüße, Thomas


Posted on the HILL
November 23, 2005
"Say Anything"
"Growing UP.. in knitted form"

Growing Up...in knitted form

Any knitters on the Hill?
A few months back (in August, I believe) there was a lovely Eastwood cartoon featuring Mr. Gabriel in some pretty funky knitwear. Inspired, I grabbed some needles and yarn and duplicated it as best I could...and now I have my own little piece of Growing Up, in knitted form (tee hee hee.)

My usual image host isn't quite working right now, so if you're interested you can view the finished product here.

Now, if PG ever decides to bring his next tour to my frigid corner of New England, at least I'll have appropriate attire



January 27, 2006

Dear Lia!

Here's a cartoon idea:
That two wheel Idunnowhat they use on concerts might appear as a lawnmower. It should leave notes behind instead of grass.

And let me share a joke with you. My sister found out how Peter finds titles for his albums. Imagine that it's time for lunch (tam-tidam-tidam), and there's a nice plate of soup front of Peter. He looks down, and this is the moment of revelation: "SOUP might be a little long for a title, but it's long enough for two!" SO, this is how it's made UP.


Realised January 30, 2006


January 31, 2006

Dear Lia! It seems you read Full Moon Club forums recently. :))) I'm happy to se my sister's SO-UP idea in your drawing so fast. I had great success with this idiot joke at the Full Moon webring, I got million congratulations for this. It's a great drawing! There're tears in my eyes of laughing still. Thank you!


February 15, 2006

Hi eastwood girl,
I'm a lunatic from France and I look to your diary pic everyday since the beginning.
I have decided today to send you an email to tell you how I appreciate them, as today's one is sooooo funny and corresponds exactly to what I was thinking when I saw Ged at the Olympics show on tv. I laugh a lot (people at my office look at me strangely but not sure they understand if I tried to explain....)
I remember also the pics about Darkness with the guy putting his ear on the speaker (omg, so funny + so similar to my experience!!!)
Anyway, I just want to say thank you and please continue this nice calendar....


Columbia, South Carolina
March 2, 2006

Hi, Ms. Eastwood

Sorry to use this address to contact you, but I couldn't find any other link on your PG website.

I am a long time admirer of your PG cartoons, and just got your latest calendar as a gift. I've heard Peter himself enjoys your drawings and I think PG fans everywhere ae lucky to have you working so hard for us! I have several of your comics printed out and taped to my desk at work. I especially love the comics with Isaac and Meabh, and the ones with Tony and David. Seeing the new day's cartoon is part of my ritual each day as I first arrive at work.

I was very happy to see that a few months back you sorted out Tony's height. Just as Tony fans probably wanted to see him pictured at his proper height, so would David Rhodes fans! Tony is a couple of inches taller than Peter, yes. But Peter, who is about six feet tall, is considerably taller than the very compact David Rhodes, who is about five inches shorter. I tried to find a photo of the three of them standing together, but it turns out that's fairly rare. I know they're just cartoons, but would you consider fixing David's height, too?

Thanks for all of the smiles you've brought to me since you began your PG cartoons. You're a genius!


Comments on Peter's journey "Music makes the world go round"
Started April 18, 2006

April 22, 2006

I think Peter arrives in a place - Australia for ex - where a giant hamster is in a giant zorb ball, and turns around and around and that's this movement which makes the world turn around. Of course, the music is "growing up"..

No ? Well I tried ;)

Have a nice week-end !


April 25, 2006

Hi Lia,

I'm not sure where the wonderful trail of notes will end on Eastoons, but
I've always thought that Party Man lent itself to picturing quite simply...
up in a high wall (high building) behind a large picture window or on a deck
looking out at the streets of a city at night... somehow in solitude while
others are close by.  Not sure, but I am sure that whatever your picture of
the track is would be great.

Have a good Sunday, Matthew


April 26, 2006

And why not the Queen's Birthday?! ;-)

Cheers from France!


May 12, 2006

Dear Lia!

The story is getting better and better on your website. You draw the dream of all fans: 4 Peter Gabriels! If you draw more, everyone can have their own PG! :))) Don't stop making clones!
Wish us good luck, and please, if you have any good idea for a name, let me know!



April 17, 2007

Hi Lia!  This is my first e-mail, how exciting!!  Yes, Nikki tells me that when you posted that cartoon on the Hill, everyone started talking again about how much they'd love a Peter Plushie, and Nikki wanted one, too... she figured that if Peter won't approve an official plushie, she'd just have to make something herself... and here I am!  I think that makes you my aunt or something.  ;)   A plushie sure would be cool, though.  The plushie and I could get together with Wamde's bobble-head and have an Alternate-Peters-Only party!  Ooh, that sounds fun... :D

I LOVE your cartoons.  Nikki showed me the site, and I went through them all in one go. I just couldn't stop, they were all so funny - can't wait to see more!!

much mini-love,



May 2nd, 2007 UP